Cape Portrait Cabernet Sauvignon / Shiraz 2 Litre BIB

Cabernet Sauvignon / Shiraz 2 Litre BIB

Cabernet Sauvignon 42%, Shiraz 30%, Merlot 24%, Petit Verdot 4%

Durbanville Hills is one of only a handful of urban-based wineries. This close proximity to Cape Town has inspired our winemakers to create a new range of uniquely blended wines, which are vibrant, flavoursome and celebrate the essence of the city’s diverse and creative lifestyle.

Grapes were sourced from the Cape Town region where maritime climatic conditions ensure slow ripening of grapes and delicate fruity wines. The cooler temperatures due to oceanic winds and the long hours of sunlight as the sun sets into the ocean, delivers healthy, aromatic grapes.

Grapes were hand-harvested at optimum tannin and fruit ripeness. The must was fermented in specially designed auto fermenters under controlled conditions with timer-regulated pump-over cycles for soft extraction of colour and fruit. After pressing, controlled malolactic fermentation took place in tank. The different cultivars were aged on French oak staves for 12 months before being blended.

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Food Pairings

Enjoy on its own slightly chilled or served with berry infused ice-cream, casseroles, plainly grilled chicken and barbequed lamb chops.