Cape Portrait Chenin Blanc / Sauvignon Blanc 2 Litre BIB

Chenin Blanc / Sauvignon Blanc 2 Litre BIB

Chenin Blanc 51% and Sauvignon Blanc 49%

Durbanville Hills is one of only a handful of urban-based wineries. This close proximity to Cape Town has inspired our winemakers to create a new range of uniquely blended wines, which are vibrant, flavoursome and celebrate the essence of the city’s diverse and creative lifestyle.

Grapes were sourced from the Cape Town region where maritime climatic conditions ensure slow ripening of grapes and delicate fruity wines. The cooler temperatures due to oceanic winds and the long hours of sunlight as the sun sets into the ocean, delivers healthy, aromatic grapes.

The grapes were picked from end of January until mid-February between 20 – 21°Balling. In the cellar the grapes were crushed and drained under a blanket of dry ice to preserved the typical delicate flavours. The juice was floated and cold fermented at 14 – 15°C, followed by extended contact with the lees for almost two weeks to enhance the mouth-feel. After vinification the wine was blended and bottled.

Nose Notes

Tasting Notes

Food Pairings

Enjoy on its own slightly chilled or with barbecued chicken, summer salads, plain grilled fish and pan-fried calamari.